Sunday, October 2, 2016

The 1995 Clinton Tax Code for Donald Trump

Via comment by Sioux  on post "The New York Times risked legal trouble to publish...

 While American burns and Donald Trump tries to save the USA, in Paris, Barbara Bush fundraises with Huma Abedin for Hillary Clinton as the New York Times commits felonies concerning Donald Trump's taxes
In an envelope mailed from Trump Tower, the New York Times embarked with Mexican interests to invade Donald Trump's privacy in publishing a 20 year old tax document from 1995. What the Times will not point out is the fact that this was the Bill and Hillary Clinton Tax Code, which was designed to build a bubble that ended in the Dotcom Bust.

If anyone is to blame for the crushing implosion which Donald Trump and other entrepreneurs faced in the 1990's, it was Bill and Hillary Clintons fault. That is why Mr. Trump faced an almost 1 billion dollar loss, as it all began in Bill Clinton passing a retroactive tax, demanding people pay taxes on money they already paid taxes on. It was this record taxing of Americans which George W. Bush after 9 11 dumped back into the US economy to save it from a global depression, which it was already in a recession from Clinton tax hikes.

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  1. Taking bets on who will be granted pardons on Obama's last days in office. Betting this guy will be in the Top 10 - born in Aleppo, Syria (how about that). Hillary called him a slum landlord. Funnelled lots of dough to Obama.

    1. Just reading that he was released last year.