Thursday, November 24, 2016

Biased college professors now listed in database by conservative watchdog

Via Billy

Melissa Click, now a former assistant professor with the University of Missouri Department of Communication, tried to grab a recording device from student reporter Mark Schierbecker. She then called for "muscle" to remove him from student protesters in November 2015. (YouTube/@Mark Schierbecker) ** FILE **

Conservative students who want to avoid biased college professors now have access to a database that will inform them with the click of a button.

Higher Education Research Institute at UCLA concluded in 2014 that 60 percent of college professors identify as “liberal” or “far left.” Given that, the education watchdog aptly named created a tool that would help them make a prudent decision while signing up for classes. The team’s work is a project of the nonprofit organization Turning Point USA.

TPUSA founder Charlie Kirk spoke ideological ally Campus Reform about the database on Wednesday.


  1. 60% admit to being leftist. Another 30% are but won't admit it.
    Fewer then 10% of academics subscribe to conservative ideology.

  2. You know who they are as well as I know who they are - They
    Live - they live by the communist ideology. They are a
    part of the swamp. Look at this, what Germany is condoning:
    This line-up of grown freaks are pedophiles. The law cannot
    be broken for leper outcasts. I just can't believe the crap
    being tested.

    1. Thanks and did you see the Confederate flag sticker behind Santa? :)

  3. No. Let me go back and look. Thanks.

  4. Yes, I saw the Confederate flag. A free-spirit.
    Did you know that when the Pledge of Allegiance was first
    recited back in the glory days, instead of placing ones
    rt. hand over their heart, one raised their rt. hand in
    a Hitler salute. The original recital of the Pledge of

    1. Yes and here's a link.

  5. Excellent article. Thank you.
    Now, can you tell me your version of why some idiot or idiots
    are setting fires up here in Western North Carolina and
    other Southern states. There must be an agenda. Most of
    the fires have been arson except one.

    1. I evidently missed them. All I heard about were fires set in Israel.

    2. Didn't know about Israel. Oh, Well. Anyway,
      yesterday an abandoned car on Pisgah Highway in
      Buncombe Cnty. was set on fire which set the forest
      on fire. Clayton, Georgia, a fire was set which
      then crossed over into North Carolina. Some historic structures burned down. Sad.

    3. Some historic structures burned down

      The worst.

  6. Liberals cannot face the world without government protection.

  7. I pray God sends France another Charles Martel, and soon.