Thursday, November 24, 2016

Open Letter & Open Report /Nikki Haley

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On Wednesday morning, November 23, 2016, after learning about President- elect Trump's nomination of Nikki Haley as Ambassador to the United Nations, I felt compelled to don the uniform of the Southern soldier, post his Colors with a sign around my neck at the front door of WLOS / WYMA  Channel 13 television station. The sign read: " United Nations Beware", Nikki Judas Haley Is Coming"!

Not one reporter would come out to interview me. One male employee would tell me that he had a great great grandfather who was a  Chaplain in a regiment from Georgia. However he had a problem with the Confederate Battle flag being place on the Capitol Dome in Columbia in 1961, because he saw it as a slap in the face of the 1961 Civil Rights Movement.

I told him that was pure poppy cot. And that this year marked the 100th anniversary of the War For Southern Independence. And furthermore, the Flag was placed on the Capitol grounds all over the South to mark the occasion. He tried to lecture me about the Battle Flag; a dead end road for him. After about 4 hours of marching back and forth along the walkway, posing for a conversation with visitors and employees of the station: I would furl my flag.

Shortly thereafter, I would make my way to downtown Asheville, North Carolina, and post the Colors at the front entrance on the public easement of the Asheville Citizen Times Newspaper Office. Here I would once again find myself answering many questions, and listening to many comments as well about how the Governor of South Carolina had become the most hated politician in the Southland; even as news outlets like Fox tried to make her out as some kind of heroine for her actions against the Southern Cross.

And just like myself. so many felt betrayal from Trump to place this woman in any position of the government. And seriously places in jeopardy no matter what he accomplishes in his first term as President, a chance to win the South again! Southerner's had listened to his rants about Honest Abe, covered our noses , and gave our votes. However, nothing can forgive climbing into bed with this traitor of the South who could have, and should have voiced the truth; " The Confederate Battle Flag had  nothing to do with what the misguided, and doped up Dylan Ruth's action of killing 9 wonderful people who invited him with arms opened wide into the House of God.

I know that it must have been mind boggling for the Yankees who after telling me how confused they were to see a Black man don in the Confederate soldiers uniform, and carrying his Colors; having to witness the huge display of love I was receiving from so many, to include the many staff members of the newspaper office who came out to greet me, not only by name, but everyone of them would embrace me, and express how good it was to see me.

Before they would leave, a dear friend, Mr.Gary Ledford would join the fray; telling my Yankee friends that I was a Living Legend, and a true hero to the people of the South. I told him not to give me a case of the Big Head. And after about 2 hours, I would furl my flag. No matter about Haley. It had been a good day in Dixie! God bless you!

Your brother,

Honorary Life Member Jackson Rangers
Camp 1917 Sons of Confederate Veterans


  1. a great story. thanks for posting it.

  2. I was shocked at the situation but I don't think Trump (A Yankee) realizes the vitriol we in the "South" feel.

  3. It's always delightful to hear from the honorable Mr. Edgerton. I wish him many years of good health. Thank you for posting this, Mr. Townsend.

    1. Certainly and here's a good picture of him.

  4. I think the Trump will certainly be favorable towards the South and its traditions. No question in mind about that.

    1. In'92 when Clinton was running they ran ads with the Confederate Battle Flag. :)

    2. Sir;

      I agree with you on Haley. She should be banished from politics for life.

      We've seen the liberals and looney left expertly utilize the internet to whip their supporters into a frenzy on various leftist causes. We may benefit from using the internet to gather signatures on a petition to Trump to Dump Haley.

      Don't disregard the power of the internet and the power of public opinion. If we, you, us, can get the ball rolling, and keep it rolling, we just might get the momentum needed to get MSM coverage on this.

      If Trump keeps the "Petition the White House" function alive on site, that's the place to start.

      I'm a northerner but stand with all the southerners against Haley and against the 1861 war of northern aggression. The South being your AO, you're in a far better position than I to begin the legwork that might start a grass roots 'grassfire', that'll burn hot enough for Trump to rescind the appointment.

      May God be on your side, sir.


  5. The upside is that she will be out of state and have no further influence in the state. Good riddance. indyjonesouthere

    1. & the new governor is supposed to be a real Conservative.