Tuesday, November 1, 2016

"The American people have quite had it with this privileged, hypocritical crew. In one week, to paraphrase Michael Moore, watch many of them lob in a legal molatov cocktail called Donald J. Trump to blow up the stinking swamp."

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Donna Brazile

I pray.

By Heather Higgins   
President and CEO of Independent Women’s Voice.

No matter what the election outcome next week, the media will be big losers. This campaign season has seen much of the media rip off their veneer of objectivity, too often acting instead as an unofficial campaign arm working to elect Hillary Clinton.

The latest revelation — that the town hall moderator overseeing a Democratic primary debate gave CNN contributor Donna Brazile a peak at expected questions, and Brazile then fed Hillary Clinton's campaign staff a question expected to come up in the primary debate against Bernie Sanders — confirms the too cozy relationships between the politicians and the so-called journalists and officials who are supposed to be helping Americans get unbiased information about candidates.

Bernie Sanders supporters should be outraged: We've seen time and again how the DNC was never going to allow their guy a fair shot at the nomination. 

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