Tuesday, December 13, 2016

An Electoral Coup is Underway


On December 19, 2016 the electoral college will vote.

Based on the vote, Trump should receive 306 votes and Clinton will have 232.

However, it is possible for many electors to change their vote.  They aren't bound by it.

There's currently a very well funded attempt to influence electors to flip their votes on December 19th to change the outcome of the election.

Despite expectations that it is far fetched, it has a high chance of success.  As of today, there are enough electoral votes in play to flip the outcome.

The three outcomes in discussion right now:
  1. Trump falls short of the electoral count (270) to become President and the election is sent to Congress for a decision.
  2.  Clinton gets more than 270 electoral votes and becomes the President.
  3. A dark horse candidate (Kaisitch, etc.) would get the votes to become President.
In my view:  all of these outcomes would end in a disaster.


  1. There is no possibility of any of those things happening. You don't get to be an elector for your party if you don't have party loyalty. These aren't random people off the street. This is simply how the system works. You might get one or two attention whores claiming they will switch votes if they don't get some sort of attention. But it's never enough to matter. Especially since Trump won more than enough EC votes to put him over the top with plenty to spare.

    1. They say they have 15........at any rate this election is going down in history and I can just imagine all the money which will be made off the numerous books written.

    2. Cognitive dissonance, read up on it before 19 December.
      Or, as we dirt people say, "get real!"
      Either way, you are deluded and stupidly labor under the belief that the rule of law exists in America.
      It does not.
      I know, you would rather visit reality on very occasions, but you don't want to live there.

      cav med

    3. Fine. 20 December, come back and tell me again how Hillary is the President.

    4. how Hillary is the President.

      Agreed, no way, Jose.

  2. I never said in my comments
    ridham will be President on 19 December.
    I opined how I believe another treasonous
    and traitorous crime will play out on 19 December, under the guise of the electoral college validation.

    cav med