Tuesday, December 13, 2016

HUCKABEE to SORE LOSER DEMOCRATS: "Suck It Up, Snowflakes - You Lost"

Via Billy



  1. The shooting will begin on 19 December.
    If you are in the presence of weapons
    while watching this, it may begin sooner.
    But make no mistake, it will begin on that
    day, as the communists, the treasonous uniparty, their quislings, SJW foot soldiers and illegal alien welfare state beneficiaries will not STOP.
    Run and hide posers.
    You caanot scapegoat and slither your
    way out of this fight anymore.


    cav med

    1. Olbermann? What a joke and ain't nothing going to happen on the 19th, but Trump gets the electoral votes necessary to win, no ifs, ands or buts. :)

  2. Yes.
    He is a joke.
    But he and the entire court
    of jester's have the King's ear
    with their treasonous sentiment.
    "All it takes is one Judas, Bill."
    ~ With all apologies to Kevin Costner,
    Jim Garrison, and JFK.~

    cav med

  3. What the Party of Evil (aka the Democratic party) will NEVER understand much less admit to, is that they could not have picked a worse, more vile, criminal choice for POTUS if they tried. They thought it was a done deal, since their candidate had the correct last name and a vagina. What enraged the status quo members of the party of the dead elephant (aka the Republican party) was that Trump was not a member of the insider good ol' boy club. They had a hissy fit when the average voter ignored them. They fully expected the public to vote for the guy they selected to be the next POTUS. It might be sinking into their minds that they are losing, if not already lost control.

    1. It might be sinking into their minds that they are losing, if not already lost control.

      Pretty dense if they haven't figured it out yet,