Sunday, December 4, 2016

Chicago Residents Report Recent Rash Of Swastika Stickers

Via Billy

  A South Loop woman posted this photo of a swastika sticker to Facebook this week. The neighborhood alderman says city workers have been busy removing such stickers in the neighborhood since last month's election.
Soros' money at work.

South Loop residents are reporting a rash of swastika stickers throughout their neighborhood.

City workers have been "very, very good" at removing the swastika stickers from street signs and other places in the Downtown area, said Kevin Lampe, a spokesman for Ald. Pat Dowell (3rd).

Anne Sheahan, a spokeswoman for the city's Department of Streets and Sanitation, said its workers have been dispatched to take down the swastika stickers upon reports from neighbors.

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  1. Funny, when I was a kid, kids use to draw Swastika's all the time. Excellent symbol for dexterity.

    1. :) I used to have one on the back of a Jean jacket and a girl in Vietnam gave me a necklace one which is revered by Buddhists.

  2. My bets are when the perpetrator is found, they will be leftist democrats.


    1. Funny, as I thought about making a similar remark when I put it up. :)

  3. If the following should happen, I hope there are Swastikas
    everywhere. A coward and committed treason - unforgivable.
    He actively seeked out the Taliban to join them and shared
    secrets with them. If should happen, we will all know what
    was really installed in our WH.
    Hey, Brock, can you take your computer on the plane?

    1. I can't believe he will get the pardon, but it is Obama, so you never know.

      Yes, but no WI-fi from Raleigh to NYC, none from Taipei to Saigon, but there is from NYC to Taipei which is the 16 hour leg.I really, really ain't
      looking forward to getting there. If I could sleep it would be a different story, but I hardly ever on airplanes or in hospitals.Once there it takes a few days to get straight as you arrive at 10AM which is 10PM here, but it is best to stay up until nightfall. A nice thing about the area is that sunrise and sunset are about the same everyday.

  4. I certainly feel for you. What a mess and total disorientation. Sure can't say it is good for the old bod.
    I flew from Bangor, Maine back in 1966 to Atlanta and had
    to wait for three hrs. for a connection to Macon, Georgia
    I had my cat in a basket whom I took on the plane and
    thought I would lose my mind, waiting. I feel for you.

    1. :) Thanks I've flown to Saigon about 18 times, though not all from the states. The ones from the states are the killer. The first was from Ft. Dix through Alaska for 28 hours.