Saturday, December 17, 2016

Saigon December 17, 2016

 Some still flopping.
  Bun Bo Hue or what was left of it when I remembered to take a picture. $1.10
 Coca-Cola delivery man
 Cigarette delivery man.
 After coffee, off to the cock fight, I presume.

Chả giò 80 cents

Bánh Giò 70 cents

The coffee shop owner's daughter.  Speaks fluent English and instructs students at home in the evenings.
A breakfast Banh Mi Sandwich. This was excellent with two eggs 53 cents or with one 44.

Police paddy wagon.  I saw one the same day that actually had 'Police' instead of Cảnh sát?

 The 555 cigarette girl and her wares below. Vietnam

 Not sure if they are tearing it down or what.
Richard from England.  He stayed at this hotel for six months, went back to England for two and is back again as he was bored.  Keeps his cat in his room which is close to mine and never leaves these few blocks as he says it has everything he needs, much as I mentioned.  This area still has character that downtown has lost. A nice guy.

  Cháo, but like the Cambodian variety. Excellent as most everything is for that matter.
Well, at least it had a warning sign........! :)

Rượu đế comes in 140, 160 and 180 contrary to WIKI.  My mother-in-law would test to make sure I got 180 by sticking a chopstick into the bottle and if a match made it flame, then I didn't get cheated. :) 62 cents.

 Codeine 20 500mg $1.23.

Snack carts coming and going.


  1. That sandwich looks incredible.

  2. Thanks for sharing. Are you able to get around speaking only English? Do you drink the water?

    1. I get by on by Vietnamese, but seeing I have no voice box some people understand everything I say in English and Vietnamese while others don't, but you'll get by. We always boiled the water before, but now they have ample bottled water. Thanks.

  3. This has been very enjoyable, to read all your posts, of your Vietnam "vacation"? Thank you for sharing... really cool to see, and hear about your experiences (as I'll probably not ever be able to make the trip myself).

    1. Budget a few thousand and you can do it! I'll be gad to help you.

  4. Actually, your pics of Vietnam reminds me of the old South -
    simple, laid back, not commercialized or artificialized -
    just a different culture. God help them if the mobsters
    come; they'll be run out of Dodge.
    Thanks for the insight of simplicity.

    1. Great comment and I hadn't thought of that. Thanks.

  5. I assume the codeine was available without prescription, right? What about antibiotics?

    1. Everything is as far as I know. The only thing I can think of would be Valium or something similar. If you want 100, they will sell them to you, but not a Vietnamese as they are known for becoming depressed and deciding to end it all, so they will only sell them a few at a time. This is not the law, just the decision of the druggist.