Saturday, December 17, 2016

GOP Senator: I'm Sure Vladimir Putin is Shaking in His Boots, After Obama Threatens Retaliation

Via Billy


  1. How about that power grab by your cronies to weaken Cooper. Proud of yourself?

    1. For Democrats to complain about Republicans’ political patronage efforts is sort of like being called ugly by a frog.

      When Gov. Pat McCrory took office in 2013, the GOP legislature expanded the number of positions exempt from civil service protections from 400 under Democratic Gov. Bev Perdue to 1,500 – the highest cap ever. This allowed McCrory to hire more Republicans.

      Now, under a bill awaiting McCrory’s signature or veto, lawmakers are proposing to reduce the number to 425 in what is apparently an effort to protect Republican state employees and prevent the hiring of Democrats.

      But Democrats invented this practice. The 1985 Democratic legislature placed the first cap ever on newly elected Republican Gov. Jim Martin, limiting him to 325 exempt positions.

  2. Putin and Trump and their stuff guys:
    Note in this video, Putin and the sign of the Cross at the
    1:19 mark. I thought the sign of the Cross started from
    the bottom and then up but I am not Catholic so am not sure:

    1. Thanks and I thought so also. Maybe someone will clue us in.