Saturday, December 17, 2016

Harry Reid Caught In $2 MILLION Bribery Scheme

Via Cousin John

The $2 million cashier’s check was drawn at a St. George bank Nov. 5, 2010.

From there, it was sent by FedEx to a Los Angeles attorney who represented Ireland-based Full Tilt Poker.

Made out to “Mail Media LTD” — a Full Tilt-owned entity used to launder online-gambling funds — the millions then were deposited at Basler Kantonalbank in Switzerland, where Mail Media had an account.

And from there, Davis County Attorney Troy Rawlings is investigating whether it went into a Marshall Islands account in the name of Searchlight Holding Inc. to benefit, or even bribe, Harry Reid, the once-powerful majority leader of the U.S. Senate whom online poker companies had been courting to push a bill to legalize their gaming across the nation.

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  1. Harry giving the middle finger salute (or is that his depiction of what his family tree looks like?) pretty much sums up TPTB in government and the other elites think of us citizens. Yup, one photo says it all. And the average citizen is dumb enough to believe their empty promises and personal attacks on the other guy to veto them into office or worse yet reelect them.

    1. sums up TPTB in government and the other elites think of us citizens.


  2. He can buy a lot of little boys with that, a WHOLE lot.