Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Liberals who claim Electoral College is ‘racist’ need a history lesson

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Liberals who claim Electoral College is ‘racist’ need a history lesson

The sore losers of the 2016 presidential election have now soured upon the Electoral College. Having gone through the first two of the five stages of grief — denial and anger — the left is now plotted firmly in the “bargaining” stage, wherein the Democrats seek to change the electoral results.  

Since the election of President-elect Donald Trump, Democrats have repeatedly blamed everyone and everything for the loss of Hillary Clinton except for Clinton herself.

First, it was the fault of the vote counting, and a recount was demanded only to result in more votes for Trump. Then, F.B.I. Director Jim Comey was to blame, just before the Russian government was at fault.

Now, the Electoral College, a “racist” vestige of our founding — or so the left would have you believe — is the new culprit.

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  1. You know, these sour grape, whining, little snowflake losers just need to shut their pie holes and get a real life. Like maybe, just maybe, do something that is productive that is beneficial both to them and others. like get a real job.

    What a concept, eh?


    1. Really and there was an article yesterday that stated the government is to liberals what Santa Claus is to children. We said.

  2. Liberals are all to quick to demonize anyone who doesn't share their point of view.