Wednesday, January 11, 2017

36 percent of troops surveyed had a favorable opinion of Obama’s service.

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Can't imagine why..............

A new poll released as the Obama administration comes to an end reveals that the majority of U.S. troops have an unfavorable opinion of President Barack Obama’s eight years in office as commander-in-chief.


  1. Uhhhh. I am surprised 36% had a favorable view too. I would have thought it to be about 0%

  2. Yeah, that's cause they polled all the queers and misfits, I bet.

  3. Half of service members were still children when Obama was first elected. Factor out the ones who still are and the black women and you are into negative numbers of approvals. You would have to draft non-service members from the democratic party just to get back to zero.

  4. I'm surprised it was that high. I would have thought 12-18%.


    1. It is a often heard but totally wrong idea that the military is more conservative than the rest of the country. The people in the military are every bit as liberal as the population they come from. Even the senior officers talk a good conservative game, but in practice, they are as liberal as Nacy Pelosi. You get that way from having a career where you are totally covered in government health care, day care, schools for your kids, recreational services, religious services, government housing and even government food programs. A military career teaches all officers that they legitimately have total control over their employees. Absolute socialism. I know a lot of military generals and have never seen one suggest increasing the level of individual liberty for their troops.

    2. Pretty much all for free so that makes sense though I had'nt thought of this before.

    3. I think the military is in part left-wing for several reasons:

      It's highly diverse, so it strives for unity. That "unity" means it discourages identity other than with secular civic America.

      And the military is also like big business and big government which both trend to the left. If you work for big business or big government, you're likely to be left-wing.

      My grandfather used to call the military the last legal form of slavery. I think he said that as a warning, not to suggest he disliked the military. My grandfather generally was supportive, didn't pressure us to go in any particular direction.

      Star Trek has been said to be "socialist" in the sense that genericviews means the term: Money isn't even valued I think in the Star Trek society. Everything is just free. I never got too into the series, just remember criticism of it in the past. Sam Francis was one who criticised it but others did also, I want to say.

    4. I don't believe I ever watched the show.Thanks.