Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Children Taken Away from White Nationalist Mother

Via Billy

Paul Fromm in Toronto and Brian Ruhe in Vancouver interview Dara Graham in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. She tells an unbelievable account of how Canadian authorites took her children away from her because of her pro-white views! This is an example of Canadian politcal correctness harming defenseless children... and the state tearing a family apart. Please speak out about this!

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  1. Every Muslim believes in the eventual extermination of all that are not Islam. That is the culmination of Sharia Law.

    Should every child be taken away from all Muslims.

  2. Home schooling will eventually be banned in most "Western" countries too.

    It's just how the modern society trends. Whether it's "capitalism" or "socialism", the modern doesn't want any groups to truly exist separate from the collective. It wants worker bees to work hard and to even think outside the box to produce a better business, but never never separate from the rest of the worker hive.

    Why would such a society, whether "right wing" libertarians or "left wing" socialists ever tolerate nationalists?

    What's amazing is how Jews have managed to preserve their group identity. Eventually I expect they too will come under pressure as with everyone else though. It's a force of society, not just some evil elite.

    In theory a separate nation-state could exist that's designed to resist expansion and diversity, but we don't have such a nation-state.

    White nationalists tend to blame Jews or Christianity (for being universal), but again it's not a group behind this so much as a force of efficiency and greed. Both the state and the economy want worker bees out of a desire for that efficiency.

    1. The last sentence with absolute obedience to their betters.

  3. I just mean to say that this is not an easy problem to truly solve.

    People talk big about how easily a better society could be developed, and that simply is not true. Every society today is faced with the same pressures to stamp out nonconformist groups within society.

    I believe a better society is possible, but it would require a radical foundation. In this case, you might have hard decentralisation of power to regional units. But that would need to be carefully considered since everywhere we have the trend towards centralisation. And also, mass immigration leads to this drive towards conformity.

    It might also be worth looking at how colonial and early US communities dealt with Scottish Highlanders and also with Mormons, Masons, Jews, and maybe something like Devil Worshipers if such then existed. You wouldn't really want a community of Devil Worshipers to spring up, so even in a "free" society, maybe there are limits to that freedom.

    1. Probably the best that can be achieved is like minded communities.

    2. Yea, prob right.

      Sorry for such antagonistic posts. I was reading Peter Thiel article just now, and he described his approach as, "Pyrrhonian skepticism". And I suppose I approach politics similarly.

      And partly I seem to think I'm still a teenager, rebelling against you old Southrons and your respectable libertarian ways! I'm too old for that, but I guess it's fun.