Monday, January 30, 2017

Islam and immigration: a historian's view

Via Iver

Back in 2011, during my abortive experiment with doing a podcast, I had the privilege to interview my favorite historian, John Julius Norwich, whose Byzantine trilogy has pride of place on my bookshelves between the final volume of the 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica and the Summa Theologica. In preparation for the publication of the three volumes of my collected columns, we discovered that there was room to include the complete version of selected interviews at the end of Volume III, which will cover from 2010-2012.

Thanks to Were-Puppy, who has manfully taken on the task of transcribing them. Here is a section of my interview with Lord Norwich concerning a subject that is more than a little relevant today.
After a long period of relative peace, Islam appears to have entered another expansionary phase.  Is this something the West is better equipped to handle, now that it has become increasingly secular?

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  1. What good Muslims ever had they lost. Now they are imply the forces of evil

  2. I do not think the West is in any state to oppose Islam. Christianity is in essence lukewarm. It is good for a Sunday morning thrill to and make people feel good but that is all. As soon as they are out again on the street everything is forgotten.

  3. The ONLY people from some place else coming into this country are those who, want to become an American. That means when you ask them who they are they will say; "I'm an American. Period. Full stop. They are willing to adopt our culture and our way of doing things. And we the natives get to pick and chose what part of their former culture and nationality we want to adopt or incorporate into the common culture. It means they learn to speak OUR national language which is English. If you want to live here then learn to speak our language. Now I don't have an issue with other people who come some place else. My "diversity card" has been punched: I've been to special social event where I was the ONLY white guy in the room and did not understand a single word that the other people were speaking among themselves in the native tongue. But if we are going to have a nation then we ALL have to have a common language and a common culture. Living as if you were still back in your former home land is not going to work.

    For all the diversity loving Liberals out their I have a question for you: How well is this "diversity" working out for those native peoples living in Britain, Sweden, France or Germany?

    1. My wife is an immigrant. She stands and places her hand on her heart for the anthem while native-borns sit and talk over it. And she had, for quite a while, a T-shirt that said "Welcome to America; now speak English!"

      One of her favorite songs is "I'm Proud To Be An American".

      Three days into her trip home last summer she said on the phone "This isn't my home any more". Later in the trip I asked her why she was so disappointed; "Dirty, hopelessness, a lack of ambition..."

      It echoes a story told to me by a Russian Jewish coworker; his friend's wife was homesick (she moved here because he did) so he sent her back to visit. On her way returning to the US they did - literally - a body cavity search because she, as a Jew, was suspected of smuggling jewels.

      She got to the US, showed her green card, and the US immigration person smiled and said "Welcome home". She's never been back.

  4. Article on the Demoncrats of the 70's and how vicious they
    were and still are. Humble people vs savages. Like
    comparing apples with cacti, cacti being muslims and
    cacti are poisonous.
    Muslims are dangerous just by their nature.

    1. Thanks and check out my post from '75.

  5. Here these things are with their asses in the air. Purely
    Then, this guy was hit on the head with a iron bar per
    Fox, and as he lay on the ground, unconscious, the savage
    Bolsheviks, cheer: ( water seeks its own level )

    1. Thanks.