Friday, February 10, 2017

Executive Order Signed By Trump Will Take Aim At MS-13

Via Billy

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President Trump signed an executive order Thursday that targets transnational criminal organizations such as drug cartels and street gangs like MS-13, which is directed by its leaders in El Salvador.

An affidavit from an FBI special agent last year highlighted the transnational nature of MS-13.

“MS-13’s primary functioning principles center on violence, including murder, and a strict military structure of communication and command, headquartered in El Salvador and spread throughout various ‘programs’ and ‘cliques’ in the United States,” FBI special agent Jeffery Wood wrote.

The gang, known for its brutal violence, has been recruiting young illegal immigrants in the U.S. from the Salvadorian community. Lou Gentile, a former officer with the organized crime unit of the Pennsylvania State Police, told Fox Latino that MS-13 “functions like all immigrant organized crime groups,” and targets “their own community.”


  1. Membership in MS-13 alone should be a death penalty offense. Their lowest ranking lookouts and drivers are part of a criminal conspiracy that commits frequent violent murder and undermines American institutions and public safety.