Friday, February 10, 2017

Robert E. Lee Memorial Engraved Portrait, 1870 - $999 OBO

I am trying to sell this for an *0 Year old Pastor Friend of mine that is going to a retirement Home and needs the money. If anyone interested please let me know. I have it posted on Craigslist.

Cousin John Pippin
1870 hand colored engraving of Robert E. Lee, over an inscription reading SOLD BY AUTHORITY OF THE LEE MEMORIAL ASSOCIATION FOR THE ERECTION OF A MONUMENT AT THE TOMBE OF GENL. R.E. LEE AT THEWASHINGTON & LEE UNIVERSITY, LEXINGTON, VIRGINIA". Engraved by A. B. Walter, after a photo from life. Lower margins with facsimile signatures of Lee; Gen. W. Pendleton, Chairman; and Chas. A. Davidson, Secretary. Stamp on back for Johnson's, Capital Blvd, Nashville. Wooden frame. Sight: 27-3/8" x 23-1/2", Framed 30" x 26". Note: Pendleton acted as Lee's artillery chief during the Civil War and became chairman of the Lee Memorial Association afterwards, dedicating himself to preserving Lee's "sacred memory." This print was sold during a lecture tour in the 1870s in order to help pay for a memorial monument in Lee's Chapel.

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