Monday, February 27, 2017

Former Ambassador John Bolton: Trump Needs to Renegotiate ‘One China’ Policy

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John Bolton / AP

Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton on Friday urged President Donald Trump to upend four decades of precedent by renegotiating the "One China" policy that denies Taiwan's sovereignty.

Bolton told the Washington Free Beacon in an exclusive interview that the One China policy, which was established during President Richard Nixon's visit to China in 1972, is "ahistorical" and fails to reflect the current reality in East Asia, where natives of Taiwan overwhelmingly identify as "Taiwanese" rather than "Chinese."

"The One China policy is inherently ambiguous," Bolton said. "China thinks it means one thing, we think it means another."


  1. I assume the argument is over whether or not China will be made vulnerable by American/non-Chinese military on Taiwan and in Taiwan's waters.

    I like the idea of Taiwan independence, obviously. However, I suspect the best solution is to grant China some degree of military sovereignty over Taiwan's territory, or at least establish an agreement that foreign militaries are disallowed from Taiwan waters and land.

    We've seen NATO encircle Russia, and the same appears being done to China.

    I dislike this, because I fear it encourages the Chinese state beast to also expand.

    Not only war but Chinese empire might result.

    Never overestimate the stupidity of Neocons. They meddle and fail, and we keep them in power. They're great at preserving their own power, great at wasting trillions upon trillions, terrible at wielding that power. Neocons believe they know all, are above criticism, that others need but to trust to their superior judgment, and it's all a ruse.

    A great argument for our own secession is we'd no longer be guilty of supporting the evil beast of our own empire. The US has supported the EU evil and likely has a hand elsewhere in the world. These influences are against our interests, so we are in direct conflict with our government's actions. And because everything is seen as a special wartime emergency, it will perhaps become dangerous or illegal to even name how our interests differ from the empire's actions.

    1. Never overestimate the stupidity of Neocons


  2. We don't need to listen to Bolton's blather.
    And shave off that lame "tough-guy" mustache.

    - Charlie

  3. Bolton isn't that bright either. A policy doesn't need to be renegotiated. Policy isn't "agreement" or "treaty". In policy, there is only one party to the discussion.