Monday, February 27, 2017

Syrian priest: 'It is miraculous that we are still alive. We owe that to Vladimir Putin'

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A few years ago, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, who then was Russia’s ambassador to NATO, warned that a new influence had appeared that was becoming a major threat to large segments of the world, namely, Asia, Europe and America.

“There is a new civilization emerging in the Third World that thinks that the white, Northern Hemisphere has always oppressed it and must therefore fall at its feet now. … If the northern civilization wants to protect itself, it must be united: America, the European Union and Russia. If they are not together, they will be defeated one by one,” he said.

He was primarily referring to radical Islam. And America, with its Christian foundation, Europe, with its own Judeo-Christian heritage, and even Russia, with its historic Russian Orthodox Christian church, would appear to have reason to join ranks.

So why would the American political elite be so averse to pursuing better relations with Russia, as President Donald Trump has suggested?

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  1. Because the elite is leading the charge against us. Our own elite is not only our enemy but the enemy of much of the world. I'm not using "elite" as code for "Jews"; most of our elite is white.

    Anyway, and the rest of the world sees that elite as representative of whites when in truth it acts against all of us. Whites are the fall guy meant to unify against.

    And since we're always at war, criticism of this evil elite is seen as potentially dangerous "Russian influence" or some other foreign influence.

    Northeast Asians and others are also at risk of being hated, because they're so successful.

    Every powerful group is tempted to exploit those who are weaker: within society, without society. That's why our souls are at risk when we obtain wealth and power. So, revenge isn't any sort of solution.

    Another sin though is to blame others for one's own problems. When people put in the effort, they can often improve their lives, even in the face of a legitimately unfair situation. Life isn't meant to be fair, and thanks to technology most in the world enjoy a much better quality of life than did our ancestors. The problems of poverty in the world are often caused by overpopulation, which is an historically common cause of poverty. It's not the only cause of poverty though.

    1. Well said and especially this: elite as representative of whites when in truth it acts against all of us. Whites are the fall guy meant to unify against.

    2. Thanks. Actually, I used some poor wording in parts. It's difficult to communicate. But you probably correctly translated most of what I said.

      I meant partly that those who are angry at whites for our having abused nonwhites should not be so angry at us, even though we have abused our power at times. Because the strong are always tempted to abuse their power. We find the same abuse (to varying degrees) everywhere there is power.

      There's a quote from the Peloponnesian Wars by the Athenians defending their abuse of their own power that I really like. That's where I'm largely taking this argument from.

      I can't find the quote immediately, but it is there.

    3. We find the same abuse (to varying degrees) everywhere there is power.


  2. Trump does want better relations with Russia. I am pretty sure that one month is not enough time to prove it.

  3. Back in the 30's and 40's, liberals wanted good relations with Russia, the Soviet Union and Stalin even though he murdered 20 million or so. Even in the 80's they wanted to have nuclear disarmament to appease the Soviets and they thought Gorbachev was a great guy! Whaaa happened?! --Ron W

  4. Maybe Putin is not commie enough for'em. --Ron W

  5. Nor globalist. --Ron W