Wednesday, March 15, 2017

A Deep Devotion to the Constitution


According to the modern historical establishment, John C. Calhoun is the ultimate American villain.

These esteemed historians think lofty assessments from previous decades failed to account for his glaring inconsistencies in regard to federal power, his advocacy for American imperialism, or his well-known defense of slavery and racism. Historians may have been critical of Calhoun’s advancement of the “positive good” of slavery–Samuel Flagg Bemis famously labeled Calhoun the infamous “Defender of Slavery”–but to the modern social justice warrior turned historian they did not do enough to condemn Calhoun as the fork-tailed godfather of all social evil in the United States.

After all, one of the political heroes of the left, John F. Kennedy, had the gall to classify Calhoun as one of the most important Senators in American history. Maybe Kennedy was more honest than we thought. He wasn’t afraid to be seen with a Confederate Battle Flag.

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