Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Agencies Use Regulatory ‘Dark Matter’ To Skirt Trump’s Reforms

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Government agencies use “regulatory dark matter” to insert themselves into everyday life without congressional or public approval, a conservative nonprofit watchdog group reported Tuesday.

Federal regulatory orders include presidential and agency memoranda, guidance documents, bulletins and public notices that don’t require prior congressional consent, and empower the government to interfere in business and personal lives, according to the Competitive Enterprise Institute report.

“Congress needs to take back its authority over federal agencies,” CEI Vice President Clyde Wayne Crews Jr. said. “The problem with regulatory dark matter is that it allows the executive branch of our government to rule sectors of our economy through mere announcements, rather than actual lawmaking or even proper rule-making.”


  1. Government agencies use “regulatory dark matter” to insert themselves into everyday life without congressional or public approval, ...

    Wrong. A government agency is a building and a group of people inside that building. Those people work for someone. Those people have names. People act and make choices. Agencies do not. The correct headline is "Someone in this federal agency is doing this". Find that person and fire her.

  2. WE need to address the ROOT of the problem......impose job term limits on ALL Gov’t employees as opposed to closing a Dept. here or there or reducing it’s size. ABSOLUTELY NO Federal employee should be permitted to work for the FED in any capacity for longer than 10 years (about a quarter of one’s productive working years), after which time they MUST exit Fed service and seek employment in the private sector. No connection with the FED IN ANY WAY allowed in the civilian sector job. Do this for all FED employees…NO EXCEPTION. It would then become unpopular to work the FED knowing that inevitably you’d have to return to the private sector for a real living. If caught working for any civilian job that has any ties (defense contract, lobbyist, etc.) to Gov’t whatsoever suffer the penalty….complete loss of retirement benefits. That’s how you drain a swamp!!!!

    1. My husband spent 30 years in the Forest Service, stomping up and down mountains surveying for roads and timber sales. Sure, he gets a retirement now but, unlike private sector, he cannot collect SS and pension at same time. Had he worked for, say, Lockheed, he would have been much better off. There are lots of hardworking folks in gov't service. You don't know what you are talking about.

    2. he cannot collect SS

      Did he pay into it? I receive a Veteran's pension as well as SS and spent a number of years as a civil servant and embassy employee. My view is like the fishing saying: 10% of the employees do 90% of the work.