Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Why are we at war in Syria?

The U.S. presence in Syria is an illegal act of war. It violates international law and it is unconstitutional. Syria did not invite the U.S. to come in. Congress has not approved it.
           (Logical except for those brain-dead.)

The United States government is now at war in Syria, with nearly 1,000 combat-ready U.S. troops providing artillery and air support in the north. We have put our troops in an impossible and perilous position, with enemies on all sides.

The war in Syria is not a fight for democracy. The U.S. is fighting alongside and supporting the cause of 80,000 jihadis from 90 different countries. Nearly a half-million Syrians have died in the war fueled by this sinister worldwide participation.

The U.S. is equipping terrorists who keep changing their name, but the game is the same: To unite and achieve a radical Islamic fundamentalist takeover of the region.

Billions of U.S. tax dollars have helped spawn this war, creating death and misery, massive migrations of refugees and immigration crises.

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  1. "Why are we in Syria?"

    From the Romans...'Qui Bono?' Who benefits?

    The Qataris and the House of Saud want their pipeline to push natural gas to Europe, while Russia and Iran want it to be theirs.

    Occma's Razor in action.

  2. Yea, let Russia deal with will keep them busy and less likely to start any other pot stirring project. A side benefit is that it will keep Turkey nervous and that benefits many countries. indyjonesouthere