Monday, March 20, 2017

White Genocide in South Africa - A Personal View (Dated)

Via Nancy

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 Every day now there is at least one white farmer murdered. Every day I open my Facebook account and there is another report. Since the 5th of March, there has been 12 white farmers murdered. Four of them belonged to a whole white family which was wiped out. A mother, a father, a grandfather visiting from England and a nine year old daughter.

The little girl's body was found in the shed outside. She probably ran away to hide and they tracked her down and killed her.They were all bludgeoned to death. As usual nothing much was stolen. The liberal mainstream newspapers reported it might be because of a wage dispute, even blaming the father for perhaps being a racist. It actually made the mainstream news because it was a whole family wiped out at once and it would definitely seem strange to most folks.

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  1. Why are they still there? This seems like a pretty obvious path to predict. Why would any white person visit there? Sell out and get out or take up arms and fight. Waiting to be slaughtered is a strange choice to take.

    1. I fully agree: reference The Gulag Archipelago.

  2. My heart is very sad for this tragedy. I hope the Whites take it back or else flee.

  3. Believe their only option is to flee, sadly.

  4. Interesting that there were no blacks in that area until after the colonist from Europe settled and built a country. Then they, the Europeans, were basically forced to hand over all they had built to the blacks who moved there to take advantage of what they had built.

    Jimmy Carter and the rest of those who demanded they hand it over are the ones who have blood on their hands yet where are the cries of outrage? Where are the politician demanding intervention to stop the genocide? Where are the human interest stories or any media coverage at all?

    I once read that anti-racist is code word for anti-White, expect this stands as a testament to the truth of the sentiment. Now tell yourself...."well, it can't happen here."

    Average Joe

  5. No, it can't happen here....

    Average Joe