Monday, April 17, 2017

Comment by Anonymous on "‘I am not ashamed of my faith:’ Air Force officer ..."

Time to retire. I'd like to ask Major Gen John E. McCoy exactly where in the Air Force regulations does it explicitly state that a service member is required by law to give official approval to homosexual conduct? It seems that religious freedom is already a thing of the past when it conflicts with demand by homosexuals that society give its full approval and blessing to what was once considered to be a sexual perversion. It also seems that the rule of law is also a thing of the past if without any proof of misconduct one can be punished for a crime you did not commit. This can be viewed as an act of illegal intimidation, the message here loud and clear is: you will give public support to homosexuality or your career will suffer. A letter of Admonishment is a career killer, insuring you will get paseed over for promotion. 
I am not ashamed of my Christian faith and the traditional teaching from it. I am very much ashamed to admit that I served in and retired from the Air Force. I am disgusted with the Air Force for punishing a man for his faith. However, the unintended consequence is that by mandating approval of homosexuality, there is no logical reason for stating any other type of sexual conduct is wrong. One now can not say that adultery is wrong, since all one has to do now is re-define what that word means, so that, what was once considered to be an immoral act, will now be  moral.

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