Monday, April 17, 2017

When America’s “Progressives” Pay Lip Service to Imperialism. The Anti-War Movement is Dead

Via Frank

Neoliberals, Neocons, Corporate media and “Progressives” (collectively, the Deep State) praising Trump for the illegal airstrike against Syria, uniformly calling for more war, and vociferously attacking all those opposing war. Many figures who opposed Bush’s war making have become totally “controlled puppets” who say and do what they are ordered to do—regardless of consistency with past views and actions.” Larry Chin, April 8, 2017
Segments of the anti-war movement which opposed the 2003 invasion and occupation of Iraq are tacitly supportive of  Trump’s punitive airstrikes directed against the “Assad regime” allegedly involved in “killing their own people”, gassing them to death in a premeditated chemical weapons attack. According to Trump “Assad choked out the lives of helpless men women and children”.

America’s “Progressive Idol” Noam Chomsky in an April 5 interview with “Democracy Now” (aired two days before Trump’s punitive airstrikes) favors “regime change”, intimating that a negotiated “removal” of Bashar Al Assad could lead to a peaceful settlement.

According to Chomsky: “The Assad regime is a moral disgrace. They’re carrying out horrendous acts, the Russians with them.” Strong statement with no supporting evidence and documentation provided. The victims of imperialism are casually blamed for the crimes of imperialism:


  1. What this tells us is Trump (and Trumplicans) and the libertarians (like Rand Paul) as well as Tulsi are the last stand between war in Syria.

    So, as flawed as Trump is, articles like this are encouraging:

    Trump appears to have heard his base, and that is very good news to me.

    Btw, here's a good Trump article:

    Trump was blamed for defending Ex-Im Bank. Well, now maybe he's good on it.

    I took that article from American Economic Alert, btw. Great website. Also Economic Populist is worth following.

    1. Thanks.

  2. I believe I can explain why the usually anti-war neo-libs and Noam Chomsky are beating the war drums. Syria doesn't have transvestite bathrooms.