Monday, April 17, 2017

The Soul of the Southern Tradition


I was born in the North. Nonetheless, I have instructed my attorney, a most honorable Virginian, that when I die he is to see to it that I am buried in that national cemetery at Gettysburg as close as he can possibly get me to the high water mark of the Confederacy.

These instructions are based on conviction—the firm conviction that the American South is one of the last places left on earth where the true soul of Western Civilization is consciously nurtured and honored.

And what, you ask, is the true soul of Western Civilization? Of the Southern Tradition?

Perhaps the Tradition was already at work when bravery, cunning and determination kept the ancient Greeks fighting after the defeat at Thermopylae to prevail at Marathon and Salamis, protecting Europe from the despotic Persians who represented the utter subordination of the individual to the state.


  1. April is Confederate month. Seems to be a short supply of Confederate flags flying around but here are some places which are keeping the light shinning. Virginia Flaggers
    is mentioned. Efforts to keep the South alive:
    I haven't seen any Confederate flags in the chicken-shit
    area I live in North Carolina.

    1. Confederate Memorial Day is May 10 in NC. I fly a Cavalry Battle and Don't Tread On Me flags 24/7. Thanks.