Friday, April 28, 2017

Herman: 51 years later, a Texas serviceman comes home

Via Nguyễn Văn Bẩy

It’s amazing how so little can mean so much. Stick with me here and you’ll see what I mean. And you’ll agree.

In 1966, exactly 51 years ago Friday, a B-57 piloted by Air Force Capt. Robert Russell “Bear” Barnett, 32, was shot down in Laos. He was listed as presumed dead, body not recovered.

Barnett later was honored and his family was presented his medals at a Fort Sam Houston memorial service in San Antonio. A memorial marker there honors his service and remembers his life.

There was no funeral, no burial. And for the Barnett family, no closure.

Until now.

More with video @ My Statesman


  1. Thats so awesome. This happened last year here in Wisconsin too.

    State troopers and county sheriffs blocked freeway for 50 miles. It was Awesome every overpass had people waving flags on it too. All the way home.

    1. Thanks and that's wonderful. Think you might be able to make the PATCON?