Friday, April 28, 2017

The Latest 18th Century Fake News


The “fake news” pejorative has become commonplace in modern public discourse, so much so that social media outlets have taken it upon themselves to “police” so-called “fake news” stories and warn people about their dangers. This was largely due to the supposed impact “fake news” had on Trump supporters in 2016. To these self-appointed gatekeepers of truth, honesty, and the American way, nothing that contradicts their version of American history can be acceptable.

Their narrative goes something like this: America was created as a singular nation on the principles of “justice” and “equality.” You “anti-American” fools that argue the founding generation believed something different need to study Alexander Hamilton, John Marshall, and Abraham Lincoln [sic].

They clearly and correctly argued that the Union predated the States, just read the Declaration of Independence.

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