Friday, April 7, 2017

Nigel Farage and other right-wing populists turn on Donald Trump after missile strikes (As well they should)

Via Billy

Trump campaigned on not getting involved in Mideast. Said it always helps our enemies & creates more refugees. Then he saw a picture on TV. (Couldn't be said better.)

Many former Donald Trump supporters have turned on the President after his decision to retaliate against the Assad regime for its chemical weapons attack.

Nigel Farage, Milo Yiannopoulos Katie Hopkins, right-wing blogger Paul Joseph Watson, Ukip leader Paul Nuttall and Ukip donor Arron Banks are among the Trump supporters who have been disappointed by their hero.

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  1. There is no upside to our getting involved in the perpetual Arab squabbling.
    I say Bring 'Em Home.
    - Charlie

  2. We have been betrayed.
    In Washington, Swamp drains Trump
    Just another NEOCON.

  3. I'm afraid many of Trump's advisers have received their "thirty pieces of Silver" and are playing him. I hope he wakes up before it is too late for him, but more importantly our Republic.

  4. I suspect that his son in law is the globalist agent provocateur. The fifth columnist in place. First the major fuck up with healthcare and now this. I fear our hopes may have been in vain.

  5. Good GOD Almighty…why do we have to keep going thru this shit?! Unbelieveable. F*** politicians! Fence off DC, no one in or out, better yet nuke it…move the capital to Omaha and start over!

    1. Trump has been told by many that he has to keep to his campaign 'promises' no matter what. If he doesn't, good luck on being reelected as he will lose much of his base support. Good riddance to bad rubbish and I'm both appalled and furious.

  6. I thought it mighty convenient the day after Trump gave the
    go-ahead to attack Syria, Gorsuch gets confirmed. I don't
    believe in coincidences. The go-ahead I might add without
    Congressional approval, just like Obama.

    1. The go-ahead I might add without Congressional approval, just like Obama.

      Just like all our recent presidents.