Friday, April 7, 2017

“Nuclear War Much More Likely” Paul Craig Roberts: In Dangerous World, Putin Will Not Trust America

Via Billy

Once again, Russia believes they can win a nuclear war.

Don’t be fooled by appearances.

President Trump is only at war with the Deep State on one level.

On another, the Deep State already runs everything – when it comes to foreign policy, economics, politics and the mainstream narrative that is meant to set & sync headlines, clocks and consumer habits around the world.

War is brewing, as Trump hinted strongly in his upstart presidential campaign, but it will come, ultimately, at the terms of the long-running organ that actually steers U.S. policy.

After a very dubious “chemical attack” in Syria to stir the pot (the White Helmets did not even use gloves when picking up, touching and treating supposedly contaminated children), it is clear that war could erupt overnight with any number of middle eastern ‘enemies,’ or with North Korea, Russia or just about anyone else.

And one narrative that has been almost constant from the establishment power base and their media lapdogs during the last cycle has been dogging Russia in anyway it can – from baseless hacking accusations, to controversial sanctions talks, to attributing ultimate responsibility for chemical warfare attacks.

One can clearly see that a fight is being picked. If the story doesn’t fit, they’ll force it, or just find another excuse.


  1. If Paul Craig Roberts writes it and Brock Townsend posts it, it's bankable.

    1. I wouldnl't bet on the latter, but two months until PATCON! :)

  2. Brock, I bet you couldn't believe you eyes or ears when you woke up to the intentional act of war by the uS on a sovereign country without proof. Chemical attack by Assad is not his way. But I know plenty of others like the terrorist group White Helmets. I was watching Tucker on Fox when breaking news came on. I could not believe it. Refused to watch this debauchery and changed the channel.

    1. the intentional act of war by the uS on a sovereign country without proof.

      Zilch. Trump has screwed up big time, once again.