Friday, April 7, 2017

Russia: An Act of “Aggression” with ‘Negative Consequences’

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The Russian news site RT reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin believes the attack violates international law. A few minutes before the bombing, a top Russian official warned the Americans of “negative consequences” if Trump bombed Syria – and evoked Iraq.

Furthermore, RT reported after the missile attack that Viktor Ozerov, chair of the Russian Senate security and defense committee, called the American bombing “an act of aggression against a UN member.” The site reported that Ozerov “added that Moscow would call an emergency UN Security Council meeting to discuss the situation,” and added that Iran had also “strongly condemned” the attack, which Russian media claim killed five people.

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  1. As a blogger pointed out, Assad appears to be winning the war, there is no reason why using weapons like this at this time would be used. If anything, the event spurs more foregin military actions against Assad. Why would he do that ?

  2. Precises and as I mentioned also. Thanks. They aren't positive it was the Assad air force. An extremely dangerous decision. Assad is winning the war, and had no reason to do this.