Thursday, April 13, 2017

Truman State University: Robert Spencer Set to Speak, Left-Fascists Call for Violence: It’s what they do.

Via Billy

Whoever said that fascism would come to America in the guise of anti-fascism got it right. The College Republicans chapter at Truman State University in Kirksville, Missouri invited me to speak Thursday. Last week, this invitation came to the attention of a young Kirksville resident who called herself Bella Waddle; Waddle tweeted (her tweets are now protected, but I was able to capture plenty of them in time): “Truman’s College Repubs are hosting anti-Muslim extremist Robert Spencer on the 13th. I think y’all know what to do... #bashthefash,” followed by an emoji of a fist. A friend of Waddle, identified on Twitter only as Sarah, got the point immediately, and tweeted in reply:


Another individual with “BlackLivesMatter” as part of his Twitter bio voiced indignation at the Islamophobic establishment, even though this was a private event, not sponsored by the university:

@TrumanState should be ashamed for hosting a bigoted extremist like @jihadwatchRS.

Solidarity to those defying this.” Bella Waddle herself was determined to show defiance, tweeting several days before the event: “We’re organizing to make sure he knows he isn’t welcome here. And apparently he’s heard about it.”

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