Thursday, April 13, 2017

What about the 1.7 Million Christians in Syria? The High Risks of Syrian Regime Change

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What about the 1.7 Million Christians in Syria?  The High Risks of Syrian Regime Change

According the CIA Fact Book, the population of Syria is approximately 17.2 million, down 736,000 from 2014. Syria was an important center of early Christianity. In fact, the Apostle Paul had his miraculous conversion on the road to Damascus. It was in Antioch in Syria that the followers of Christ were first called Christians. Various Middle Eastern branches of Christianity are estimated to total 10 percent of the Syrian population, or 1.7 million people. This includes about 170,000 who are descendents of survivors of the Armenian genocides perpetrated by the Ottoman Turks from 1894 through 1923 that resulted in the massacre or systematic extermination of 1.5 million Armenian Christians.

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  1. What most Americans who attend their local Church of the Super Fun Rock Band do not or refuse to understand that to be Christian can be very, very hazardous to your health (aka it will get you killed). They will take about their missionaries they have sent world wide. BUT, I have yet to hear them talk about the persecution of Christians (other than the bland "we pray for"). If you are a Christian in some other part of the world, guess what, it does suck to be you and you are on your own. The so called Christians here in the FUSA are not coming to your aid. If we really considered other Christians to be our "brothers and sisters in Christ", we would also be sending them guns and plenty of ammo, so would have a fighting chance to shoot back and stay alive. Remember this those Armenians Christians were massacred because they were UNARMED! And they were murdered by their own government. As of this writing I am not a member of any Church, nor do I intend to join one. To use a line from Tombstone: My hypocrisy goes only so far.

    1. Anon,

      there's too much propaganda hitting conservatives today for many of us to come around.

      We're whipped into a foam fury to hate Muslims and to hate all enemies of Israel.

      Even Ted Cruz, who views Israel as some sort of sacred idol, doesn't seem to care a whit for ME Christians. Israel comes first for the simple reason that everyone's hit with Israeli propaganda.

      Israel has money and other forms of power, and might makes right.


      I agree with what you say, but that would only apply to a Christian society. To find an actual Christian, you'd search long and hard in the US, especially among those who attend church twice a week. Too much propaganda.

      No one wants to ask the tough questions. Christians in the US just fear for their own individual souls, the rest of the world be damned.

      So, we protest abortion clinics, or we protest gay marriage, other safe forms of protest. No one would dream of actually helping overseas Christians. That's too dangerous.

  2. we would also be sending them guns and plenty of ammo, so would have a fighting chance to shoot back and stay alive.



    My hypocrisy goes only so far.

    Well said, but for most there is no limit. Don't upset my apple cart and we'll get along fine, thank you.

  3. As with Bill Clinton in Kosovo, by attacking Assad, we are aiding those who persecute the faithful.

    I would add that the Knights Templar International CLAIMS to be aiding our fellow Christians with something other than prayer. HOWEVER, I have tried to get them to allow me to meet members but they either do not answer my repeated requests, or on rare occasions when they have responded, they tell me I have to wait 6 months. We even offered to donate children's clothes etc. until we could meet them and verify with whom we are dealing before we offered more, but after roughly two weeks, there has been no response other than to block me from asking questions on their Facebook page. My sincere hope is that after the 6 months is up they turn out to be everything they claim to be but actions so far bring their intentions into question.

    Average Joe

    1. Please keep us informed and thanks for the dedication.