Thursday, April 13, 2017

Shad Planking Goes PC - Wakefield Ruritan Boots Confederate Heritage Group From Event

Via Susan


The annual Shad Planking in Wakefield, Virginia was at one time the biggest political event in the Commonwealth. It offered citizens a chance to interact with candidates one on one and was an event that allowed all Virginians to have a voice.

 In 2013, the Virginia Flaggers attended the event and were able to give some scalawag politicians a pretty good flagging, in spite of the entourage/bouncers they had with them...

Apparently, this did not sit well with some of the establishment candidates.  When we returned the following year, new signs were in place...


  1. In that letter, the Wakefield Ruritan exhibits their lack of education by not knowing the difference between the contraction, "you're", and the possessive, "your".

    Due to the additional letter and symbol required for spelling the contracted words, "you're", it obviously is not a mere typographical error, but a genuine deficiency in the author's level of literacy.

  2. "you're application"
    I have a question for him... Where did you go to school?