Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Typical: Portland Cancels Annual Avenue of Roses Parade After Antifa Terrorists Promise to Rush Parade and Beat Republicans

Via Billy

The “Antifa” far left Communist group has managed to get an entire parade and carnival canceled in Portland because the Multnomah County Republicans were going to be in the parade.

The communists threatened to riot, loot, assault people at the parade. The festival people decided to cancel the entire weekend of activities, which was going to be this weekend due to the threats of violence by the leftist group.

The Antifa group promised to rush the parade and drag away the Republicans.


  1. As the banner says the Rose Parade has been around for 82 years. When I was a kid growing up not far south of Portland it was a very big deal every year. I can't imagine this will endear the Antifa movement with a lot of Portlanders. Shame on the organizers and the Portland police for buckling under to these thugs.