Monday, May 15, 2017

North Carolina: Crosses removed as Smithfield church becomes a mosque

Via David

"My faith is peaceful. It teaches us to love our neighbor and be friendly with everyone. That’s what religion teaches us.”

[Really? Where in the Koran does it teach Muslims to love their neighbors – particularly the Christians and Jews? Where does it teach Muslims to be friendly with everyone? Can Mohammad provide specific verses? Did the “reporter” bother to ask?]


It won’t be the first mosque in Johnston County, but for now it’s the only one.

On Saturday morning, the Islamic Center of Smithfield will open up in a vacant Pentecostal church, taking over the four-acre property and parsonage on Brightleaf Boulevard with future plans for a worship and community center and school. Helping to open the mosque will be local Christian clergy, hoping to strike a welcoming and respectful tone for two faiths of similar origins in a shared community.

Crosses have been removed from the former church’s facade and steeple, and Ali Mohammad, an organizer of the mosque and a Smithfield business owner, said they’ll be handed over to the group of pastors as a show of good faith.


  1. Burn the damned place down, it is no longer Sacred Ground!

  2. Looks like an old building. I hope it's safe. I hope it doesn't burn down.
    Red in Ole Virginny

  3. Buddhism & Hindusim in the US aren't much of a threat. I've seen bans on Yoga by Christians which I thought justified, but it's not much of a threat. Maybe someone would ban Karate for its Eastern teachings, though Karate isn't Yoga.

    However, Islam is a serious threat when invited into a Christian society.

    The "freedom of religion" stuff is just the law. A different aspect is Christian organism vs. Muslim organism. We need separate societies for each.

    It's just how things are. Americans tend to say, "well the law says this". The law isn't the only thing to consider.

    Our Founders, in their infinite wisdom, would have been even wiser had they explicitly banned Islam. (I realise "more than infinite" is silly, but I'm writing tongue-in-cheek here.)

    1. We need separate societies for each.