Monday, May 15, 2017

Saying these specific words will keep you out of jail after a self defense shooting

Via Iver

Memorize the Five Points or keep a laminated copy in your wallet. Play it safe, when in doubt just keep your mouth shut and follow these steps:

1. Say “Officer this person attacked me”
2. Say “I will sign the complaint
3. Point out evidence
4. Point out witnesses
5. Say “Officer you will have my full cooperation within 24 hrs after speaking with an Attorney”

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  1. NOTHING you say will keep you out of jail if the responding badgemonkeys don't believe in your rights just as NOTHING will keep you out of court if the DA hates the Second Amendment and wants to hang your hide on the wall so he can get reelected or move up to a bigger political office. Keeping your mouth shut is not just a good's ESSENTIAL. Only answer the bare minimum such as your name and that you were defending yourself and then clam up and INSIST on a lawyer being called for you. And if your smart you will obtain liability insurance to cover your expenses and bail for exercising your 2A rights. It would suck to beat the system in court but end up sleeping behind a dumpster because it cost you EVERYTHING you have to do so.
    Remember....the criminals in power are NEVER held accountable for engaging in lawfare....the use of the law as a weapon to harm and punish citizens for having the temerity to act like citizens instead of slaves.