Thursday, May 4, 2017

North Korea tests missiles designed to defeat U.S. THAAD defense system

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The North Korean regime launched test missiles last year in flights precisely designed to avoid interception by rocketing them into much higher altitudes, the Congressional Research Service reported. (Associated Press/File) 

North Korea has tailored its spate of ballistic missile tests to defeat the U.S.-stationed defense systems ready to protect the South and Japan from descending warheads, a report to Congress says.

The bellicose North regularly flight-tests a panoply of ballistic missiles that could, in war, be capped with miniaturized nuclear warheads and strike its two democratic neighbors and U.S. allies.

The U.S. military has matched this threat by first stationing Patriot anti-missile batteries and then announcing that the wider-range, mobile THAAD system is now in place to shoot down incoming warheads.

Pyongyang, the North’s capital, has been watching.

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