Thursday, May 4, 2017

"Our only path to liberty."

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Comment by Anonymous on The Big Establishment Lie: Kool-Aid from the Poiso...

"Most people prefer present comfort and respectability over truth, reason, and reality. Sometimes the big lies stretch to absurdities to suppress obvious truths. More often than not a willful moral and intellectual blindness must be marshaled to shut out the light of truth."

The Soviet Union had to collapse from within. There were so many absurdities built into that system, and I believe nearly everyone there knew enough of them to know the system had to fail, but the system had to fail from within before any change was possible. The reason is that people prefer the demon they know to the one they do not.

It is for this reason I have long stated we have but one path to liberty here in the FUSA, and that path is through an economic collapse. Only in that collapse is any change possible. Would that it were not true. Who in the well-paid government services will voluntarily give up their staus? Who in the MIC industries or military? Who in the FIRE economy? Who among the retirees or welfare classes? No one, that's who. They like things the way they are, and there are enough more who are afraid of change that they constitute a majority willing to vote to keep us enslaved to them.

Yes, we could wind up worse off after a collapse. But it is our only path to liberty.

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