Thursday, May 4, 2017

The Marine Corps, 1966: Not Too Many Snowflakes
He retired as a Colonel in 1971. In late 1978, he was contacted by Ross Perot after two Electronic Data System employees had been imprisoned in Iran shortly after the Iranian Revolution.
Simons organized a rescue mission that freed the two men from the Iranian prison, as described in Ken Follett's On Wings of Eagles.

I took the bus from Richmond also, but to Ft Bragg.

This is criminally long. It will probably leave no  space on the internet for anything else. It was published in the magazine of Army Times in 1979. It describes a Parris Island that no longer exists. In fact it describes a world that no longer exists. The thought of some  effeminate Sanowflake telling a Marine DI that he needed a Safe Space so he wouldn’t feel uncomfortable, poor darling–well, it just charms me. He would develop a whole new understanding of “uncomfortable.”

Anyway, the piece will resonate with a few Marine old-timers now long in the tooth. Semper fi.

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