Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Teresa Sue Update



Good morning Brock,

I just thought I would visit with you a bit because I was thinking of you this past Memorial Day weekend.

We attended a Civil War battle re-enactment this weekend.  It was just west of Fairchild AFB. which is west of Spokane, WA.

Someone bought a place and named it Deep Creek Farms and they must belong to the re-enactment club.  Here is the link:

Anyway, when I passed a chalk board with VMI written on it (it was in the CSA camp) I thought of you and chuckled.

The re-enactment was pretty sparse compared with the descriptions of re-enactments back where they actually happened, but it was still fun.

On other fronts, I have strawberries putting on blossoms, cherry trees, still in pots, waiting to be planted, putting on blossoms and more work than I will be able to finish this summer.

We're getting ready to move back into the shop so we can lay the hardwood floor in the apt., so it'll be back to glorified camping.

Glad you made it home safely, take care,

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