Wednesday, May 31, 2017

'What was your reaction when your father was f***ing Monica Lewinsky?' Philippines president Duterte hits back at Chelsea Clinton after she criticised his 'joke' about troops raping women

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Attack: Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte lashed out at Hillary Clinton who criticized his comments on rapeĀ 

Philippine leader Rodrigo Duterte has denounced Chelsea Clinton as he tried to defend a 'joke' he made about his troops raping women.

The controversial president - who has overseen the murder of thousands of drug users and has now declared martial law as he fights an ISIS insurgency - used Clinton's father's affair with Monica Lewinsky to attack the former first daughter.

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  1. I would have added; who was young enough to be HER father. If I was an advisor to President Duterte, I would tell him to keep at it. Keep hounding Chelsea. Keep asking that same question. Make it an issue in Philippine-American relationship. Chelsea, are you ok with your father f--king Monica? Chelsea is it ok if your hubby screws another woman? Chelsea as a feminist, should married men stay faithful to their wives? Should married women stay sexually faithful to their husbands? Is adultery wrong? Chelsea, your mom defended Bill's adultery, do you too? Keep at it.
    Then maybe the former first brat will realize that it would be in her best interest to stay out of politics.
    Chelsea, get a clue. The vast majority of Americans despised your mother and do not another Clinton in public office. Just go away and stay gone.

    1. Then maybe the former first brat will realize that it would be in her best interest to stay out of politics.

      I pray.

  2. His sarcasm is in poor taste I suppose, but his rebut that rape is a problem for Americans in Okinawa is strong.

    In a sense his sarcasm isn't so bad, bc he's saying he'd serve the time if soldiers are found guilty. He's basically saying, the buck stops with him. That's not such a bad thing.

    So, Duterte is not saying rape is OK at all. He just uses poor wording, same as Trump.

    It's interesting to me how Duterte is treated as if he were white, when so many nonwhite politicians are given a double standard. You rarely hear of shocking things from South Africa and Zimbabwe, for example.

    If Duterte is being treated as white, he better be careful. The globalists are after him.

  3. In the Philippines only the bad As$ survive.
    Duterte is an Alpha battling islamofacsits and narco terrorists.