Monday, June 5, 2017

"Without the Confederate generals to watch over them Murder rate surges in N.O."

Via Reb Bill"Now that the Confederate Generals are no longer there, and diversity and all inclusiveness are allowed to run rampant, New Orleans can join Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, and St. Louis in the race to see which city can commit more murders! Hooray for diversity and multiculturalism!! We are organizing a gun drop flyover to assist the Mayor of New Orleans in further cleaning up his city, anyone want to contribute a Saturday night special or some ammo to help our efforts?"


3 shot in New Orleans on Saturday, making it most violent day of 2017, crime analyst says


  1. Ya left out bodymore (Baltimore to the uninformed) - they are still making a run for the 'title' - and NO way would I throw any ammo or launchers into the mix!