Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Conservatives are right: Colleges are hurting more than helping

Via Billy

Trigger warning: A Pew Research Center poll released Monday found 58 percent of Republicans believe colleges are having a negative effect on the country.

This shouldn't be controversial given that many academics, including myself, agree to some extent. But it's resulted in widespread alarm and overgeneralization by the liberal media: Republicans must be anti-education!

A Wonkette piece proclaimed: "It's Official: Republicans Really, Really Hate Book-Learnin'."

Vice mocked conservatives, quipping: "In the face of everything that divides Americans today, there are still a few things that pretty much everyone can agree on. Dogs are good. Space is cool. Education is import — oh, wait, sorry."

The Twittersphere piled on with more insults.

Perhaps these smug intellectuals should go back to school and brush up on their reading comprehension.

The survey didn't ask whether higher education is important or if having a college degree is beneficial. Rather, the survey simply asked: "Are colleges and universities having a positive or negative effect on the way things are going in the country these days?"

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