Saturday, July 29, 2017

DR. GORKA: “The military ......are there to kill people and blow stuff up. They are not there to be socially engineered."

Via Billy

White House aide Sebastian Gorka defended President Trump‘s transgender military ban by arguing about how the army is not meant to be “a microcosm of civilian society.”

In an interview with BBC Radio 4, Gorka spoke about how people in the military are already under enormous pressure, and Trump doesn’t want to “force [transgender people] into the hierarchical military environment.” Gorka cited studies about the transgender community’s suicide rates as he talked about how Trump announced the ban out of “warmth” for them.

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  1. Perhaps transgender need their own regiment, if enough could be found who'd want to serve. No one in the US tolerates separate groups though, so we'd hear screams. But separating them from the rest of the military would enable them to develop some sort of military tradition for themselves.

    And rather than "transgender", such a thing would be for gay men. If some of them chose to get boobs etc., they're still men.

    I'm not saying such a thing would work, but it seems too disruptive to include multiple genders and sexualities. Soldiers are known for a strong libido.

    Some pre-Christian pagan soldiers used to do homoerotic things. So, maybe it's possible.

    I'm not saying I want this; I'm just mentioning it.

    1. Some pre-Christian pagan soldiers used to do homoerotic things.

      Ancient Greece.

  2. I'm thinking most of these very few "transgendered" in the military are lesbians who want to be men and take testosterone to grow beards, etc.

    1. Liberals are clinically insane wanting people who don't know what sex they are in the armed services. Just amazing.