Saturday, July 29, 2017

"Our Sacred Duty" Jewish Soldiers of the Confederacy

Via Lewis
This once happy country is inflamed by the fury of war; a menacing enemy is arrayed against the rights, liberties, and freedom of this, our Confederacy.

Here I stand now with many thousands of the sons of the sunny South, to face the foe, to drive him back, and to defend our natural rights.

O Lord, God of Israel, be with me in the hot season of the contending strife...Be unto the Army of this Confederacy, Inspire them with Patriotism. Give them when marching to meet, or overtake the enemy, the wings of the eagle...

Guide them, O Lord of battles, into the paths of victory....Grant that they may even advance to wage battle, and to battle in Thy name to win. O Lord, God, Father, be Thou with us.
"The Prayer of the C.S. Soldiers", by Rabbi Max Michelbacher

When the War Between the States broke out, the Jews of the South, and especially South Carolina, showed the same patriotism, courage, and willingness to sacrifice as their Christian neighbors.
It is a proud yet little known aspect of American Jewish history, long ignored or misrepresented by liberal historians (including many Jewish scholars) intent on demonizing the South, idolizing the North - especially its leader, president Lincoln - and falsely portraying the War as a conflict over slavery and human rights. But the important contribution of Jews to the Confederacy cannot be denied.



Robert Rosen begins his classic book, "The Jewish Confederates," by describing how at the outbreak of war, the Jews of Charleston, "proud of their history and patriotism dating from the American Revolution, rallied to the cause."


  1. Dr. MacDonald mentions how Jews did fight for the South. They were relatively conservative here.