Saturday, July 29, 2017

The Lynching

Via comment by MolonLabe2012 on your post Aeronautical Science Degree "Following a link found in Fred Reeds original post, the University that awarded the degree to Trayvon did it, " honor of his love for planes and the steps he took during his young life toward becoming a pilot."

You know, if he really wanted to become a pilot, and if his parents had guided him towards being a productive member of society, he could have gotten into the Civil Air Patrol. I was a cadet in C.A.P as a teenager and knew personally three cadets who though the flight program were able to earn their private pilot licences at the age of 17. These cadets were also leaders among their units and highly respected among their piers as well as the adult leadership. And there are numerous other programs for youth all around the country that not only teach discipline but also give kids something constructive to do with all of their time and energy. Trayvon's parents failed him miserably and he himself made his bed of bad decisions. This "honorary" degree is an insult to everyone who worked hard and played by the rules to earn their diplomas.

Lastly, if anyone you know of still thinks Trayvon was an angel, And Zimmerman a calculating killer please please show them this or you can at least use the info to counter the Narrative:
"The Lynching"


  1. If he had been/was "flying high", it was NOT due to aerodynamic lift.