Sunday, July 30, 2017

NC: Tourists evacuate Ocracoke Island after power outage; local businesses hurt

Vicki Harrison checks the temperature of the fish display at Harbor House Seafood in Hatteras, N.C. Friday July, 28, 2017. Even though the power was out, Harbor House was open, keeping the fish cool using ice and a portable generator.

Please tell me why people were 'told' to evacuate because of no power?  Imbeciles. 


A "steady stream" of tourists left a North Carolina island Saturday under evacuation orders prompted by a widespread power outage, wiping out a significant chunk of the lucrative summer months for local businesses.

It could take days or weeks to repair an underground transmission line damaged early Thursday by construction crews working on a new bridge between islands. The construction company drove a steel casing into an underground transmission line, causing blackouts on Ocracoke and Hatteras islands.

Cars lined up Friday to get on ferries, the only way off Ocracoke Island, after about 10,000 tourists were ordered Thursday evening to evacuate. A second order for visitors to Hatteras Island, south of Oregon Inlet, meant up to 60,000 additional people had to evacuate starting Saturday, primarily north over the inlet bridge.

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  1. An awful lot of people depend on tourism to make a living. This incident couldn't have occurred at a worse time. Here's hoping for a rapid resolution to the problem.