Monday, July 24, 2017

The Kurds crave US support, engagement — give it to them

Via Billy

I have just returned from a fact-finding mission to northern Iraq, one of many I have made over the past decade. And while the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) appears to have landed on its feet after the long battle with ISIS, new battles loom on the horizon.

Kurdish Peshmerga commanders and political leaders I spoke with are convinced that they will be drawn into a confrontation, perhaps by the end of summer, with the Iranian-backed Shiite militias known as the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF).

An estimated 100,000 of these Iraqi Shia irregular troops now occupy Assyrian Christian towns and villages surrounding Mosul, as well as parts of Kurdistan, and are attempting to create a land bridge with Syria to link up with the forces of Syrian President Assad.Should they succeed, it would spell the end of a relatively free Kurdish self-governing region in northern Iraq, a mass exodus of Middle-East Christians, and the death of an independent Iraq.

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  1. So, now the Kurds are supposed to be the defenders of the Christians? I doubt that. Don't Kurds remove some Arabs from this Kurdistan they're building?

    It's been the Shia who are most tolerant from what I've seen. Maybe the Kurds are also tolerant.

    1. There are Kurdish female Christian fighters, but no where as many compared to the other religion.

  2. Oh, I see, ty.

    Well the non-Kurd Christians I assume still fight for Assad.

    I dunno the whole picture, but this article smells like propaganda by attempting to paint Kurds good, Shia Arabs/Persians bad. And maybe the Assyrians are an entirely different ethnic group? I couldn't say.

    Mainstream media has always been bad, but lately it's really shown its bias. Or maybe I'm just older now, able to notice it. If the antiwar website were to close down, I wouldn't know what to believe.

    1. I wouldn't know what to believe.

      The opposite of any report would be your best bet! :)

  3. Kurds, the best friends of new world order in the area