Monday, August 28, 2017

Chicago's forgotten Civil War prison Camp Douglas

Via Greg 

Looks like a Battle Flag in the right rear. :)

Camps Douglas & Andersonville


When Chris Rowland’s co-worker told him that Chicago was once home to a Civil War prison camp, he almost didn’t believe it. But a bit of Googling led Chris to a name, Camp Douglas, and a location, Chicago’s Bronzeville neighborhood. It also led him to the camp’s gloomy history, one that included dismal living conditions and a death toll that numbered in the thousands. Beyond that, though, Chris, a 36-year-old sales engineer at a South Side manufacturing company, found hardly any information about the camp. So he came to Curious City for help:

Why was there a prison camp in Chicago during the Civil War and why did so many people die there?

 What happened to it?

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  1. One of my great, great grandfathers, David Blankenship, spent two years there. 64th NC.

    1. Thanks and good that he made it. I had a great uncle who survived Elmira, but not well.

  2. Easy answer. What happened to it, was that it meet the same fate that every thing else does, when objective reality confronts a Liberal. When confronted with a fact that makes a Liberal "uncomfortable" the standard method is to say "I don't want to talk about it", change the topic, then pretend that thing or event ever happened. Nothing to see here, move along. However, should a civil war in the FUSA breakout and the killing begin a mass, the Liberals (Antifa) will re-discover Camp Douglas and its past and hold it up as an example of what to happen to their political enemies. And they will be proud of it. Liberals love death.