Saturday, August 12, 2017

Corvette Owner’s Response to Person Who Told Him His Car Could’ve Fed Thousands

Via Cousin Colby



  1. Hi Brock,
    A Big "10-4!!!" on that one!!!

  2. I was reading earlier, not online, that impoverished make-do squatter communities tend to be fairly conservative. However, when you put the same people in government housing, they turn more left-wing.

    Presumably the former are able to manage their own lives somewhat, though squatting. While the latter have been made into dependents who now compete for what they're given.

    I'm not sure you'll understand what I'm posting, but it's very interesting to me: Two groups of poor people. When you give them free housing, they turn more left-wing.


    I'd never drive a fancy car like that though. :p I'd be embarrassed. I'm all about investing and saving, but I don't like wasting money.

    1. I'm not sure you'll understand what I'm posting

      Clear as a bell, My Dear Sir! :)

  3. Systems are the key.
    Systems with top down rule are inefficient.

    Systems where people are rewarded for their successful efforts to produce products for use or sale and feed themselves and others.

    Steal a car and feed some people. barring any further actions, the people fed will soon starve or die of thirst.

    Create a system and society that is productive across the board and people are rewarded for some of their efficiency and responsibility and you have closer to the utopia that these communists say they desire, but are incapable of ever creating, living in, or even sustaining after they take one over by force or trickery.

    Be right. Defend it. It means your life. By all means necessary.